Q. The 12 finalists will each be awarded a $1,800 stipend to erect their Sukkah’s at the Biblical Arts Center. Is there any additional prize money for the Sukkahs that place on the 23rd? 

A. There will be two winners of the competition; Best in Show awarded by the Jury with a prize of $1,800 and a People's Choice Award with a prize of $500. 

Q. Where can I access the registration form? 

A. Everything is digital and found on our website. The link to the registration form for 2019 will be posted once we get closer to the competition and all relevant details have been finalized.

Q. Is there a cost limit to the materials and labor used to construct the Sukkah? 

A. There is no cost limit. However, once the $1,800 stipend is used up, additional expenditures are the responsibility of the finalists.

Q. Will the public be allowed to enter the Sukkahs or are they allowed to just look inside from a distance?  

A. The public will be able to enter the Sukkahs if the structure is accessible. 

Q. How will liability coverage be handled? Are individual participants required to provide their own liability coverage? 

A. Our policy will not cover the structures as it covers liability only, not property. It is important to have your own liability insurance (in case your structure were to fail somehow and injure someone) and insurance for your structure if you are concerned about potential damage.

Q. Can the Sukkah have projections, opening doors or other movable elements? How would the projected path of an opening door be taken into account in the 12 ft. square base area requirement?  

A. The sukkahs are allowed to have moveable components and projections as long as every design element fits inside the 12’X12’ area.

Q. Will any electrical hookups be provided? If not can battery or generator powered equipment be used? If so are there any voltage restrictions? 

A. Access to electrical outlets will be provided for the build date. Generators are not allowed due to potential hazards as well as the noise levels. Battery power is allowed with the understanding that competitors are responsible for maintaining their systems.

Q. Can water be used as part of the Sukkah exhibit? Would it make a difference if the water is contained and not directly accessible to any observer? 

A. If contained water is part of your design, it is acceptable. Running water is not a good idea since there is no source other than a hose (trip hazard) and no drain, which will create mud.

Q. For those who want to participate and they are not native Americans, how will they find the materials to build the structure? Does the organization provide them after having paid with the cash award? Also, will a technical team give help to the process of building in real time? 

A. Each participant will be responsible for procuring their own materials with the stipend provided (any monies spent over the $1,800 will be at the builder's expense) and for building their own structure.  It is acceptable to include professional contractors as part of their team if they desire.  For out of town participants, the use of local contractors or assistants will be acceptable.  A list of volunteer contractors will be provided upon request.

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