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$18,000 and Up

Jewish Federation of Greater Dallas

$7,500 and $17,999

Texas Jewish Post​ (in-kind sponsor)

Leverage One Events (in-kind sponsor)

$5,000 to $7,499

Veronique and Hilton Jonas

The Schultz Romaner Families

Office of Cultural Affairs

Sherry and Kenny Goldberg

$2,500 to $4,999

M.B. & Edna Zale Foundation

Carol and Steve Aaron

Jackie and Steve Waldman

Jamie Weisbrod

$1,800 to $2,499

Janet and Jeff Beck

Stacey and Chuck Butler

Harold Gernsbacher

Dot and Basil Haymann

Jeffrey Kollinger Event Productions (in-kind sponsor)

Sharon and Chuck Levin

Ann and Nate Levine

Signature Millwork - Melanie Kuhr (in-kind sponsor)

Congregation Shearith Israel

Congregation Anshai Torah

The Rabbinical Association

Temple Emanu-El

$500 to $1,799

Ynette and Jim Hogue

Liz and Tom Halsey

Hilton and Maureen Israelson 

Carol and Mark Kreditor

Patricia and Howard Kraines

Gail and Roland Mizrahi

Hedley and Lynette Rakusin

Helen and Frank Risch

Perla Rosenstock

Jesuit Preparatory School

Jimmy’s Food Store

Julio and Katty Rosenstock

Linda Winski Photography (in-kind sponsor)

Natalie and Laurence Rosenbloom

David and Debbie Schweig

Florence and Howard Shapiro

Jewish Federation of Ft. Worth & Tarrant County

Tycher Family

Carolyn and Michael Wilkov

Carole and Joram Wolanow

$18 to $499

Mona and Artie Allen

Denver Sukkah Project

Linda and Leonard Behr

Michael Beren

Rolene and Martin Berk

Jenny and Norman Charney

Lois and Malcom Davidson

Lois and Michael Davidson

Cynthia and Robert Feldman

Bill and Jeri and Bill Finkelstein.

Cafe Fino ( In- kind sponsor)

Beverly and Chuck Ginsburg

Megan and Adam Hyman

Ilan and Chantal Itzhakov

Jack Jacobsen

Esme and Errol Jacobson

Susan and Allyn Kramer

Renee and Alan Levy

Myra and Phil Migicovsky

Thomas and Nan Phillips

Mindy and Irving Prengler

Erica and Craig Robins

Brian Rosenbloom

Ruthy and Steve Rosenberg

Steve and Lisa Rudner

Temple Shalom

Cynthia and Stuart Spechler

Arnold M. Stokol, O.D.

Steven & Susan Wilkofsky

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Office of Cultural Affairs City of Dalla
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