Reflection & Repose

Jamie Crawley



thought, contemplation, meditation, think, speculation

(Also “an idea about something, especially ne that is written down or expressed.”)



rest, relaxing, resting place, ease, quiet

(Also “a harmonious arrangement of colors and forms, providing a restful visual effect.”)

“ Art, literature, architecture and poetry, in the end, are thoughts of people about people and they are

life giving,…” – John Hejduk

Reflection + Repose provides a literal framework of wire mesh and bamboo to engage with travelers, to collaborate through poetry or to provide a place of influence and communion even if only briefly. The deconstruction of a boundary and reinterpretation of a fence allow for a newly realized form and sense of place occupied by the words and reflections of those in repose. Inspired by the works of Christo and Jean Claude as well as the ready made movement the materials are intentionally familiar to stir dialogue. Visitors will be encouraged to participate with notes wrapped in stones or a mark of chalk to fully realize the Sukkah.

Our design process and architecture relies in the capacity of and the interplay between creation and critique, between idea made manifest as a force for generating form, function, space, order and ultimately place. We believe our poetic invitation of the personal narrative is symbiotic with architecture that tells a good story and is encouraged by this Sukkah installation.

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