Walking Together

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The Succot holiday is one of the most ancient Old Testament traditions that highlights the importance of a safe refuge against the elements. It reminds us of those in our cities who are homeless, under-housed, dislocated and estranged. “Walking Together” advances the notion of “walk in my shoes” and we hope to inspire guests to work in their communities to help those who lack shelter.

The design will consist of eleven, nine foot-tall architectural panels of concrete cloth contoured with outer shaped fins providing partial shelter including side “windows” to provide an ethereal connection to nature. The cylindrical shape reaching skyward held by an upper support ring with an abstraction of the Star of David decorated intermittently with colored acrylic panels adorned with organic material including olive branches. Well-worn bright colored shoes attached by their strings to the open ceiling will tie into the theme. The outside will remain unadorned while the inside will be alive with colorful messages by and self-portraits of artisans from the Stewpot, Incarnation House and Mayor’s Rising Stars. We hope these messages will deeply touch those visiting our Sukkah as they read and see the faces of our neighbors in need.

We will also have 1,000 colorful socks (most requested article by homeless) donated and placed into clear bean bag type chairs for sitting and contemplating the artwork inside.


Our goal is to create a unique opportunity for these three groups of house-challenged neighbors to tell the story of their journey through the architectural and art features of this Sukkah.

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