The Vessel

Andrew Doran

As we celebrate the rituals in our lives, all too often these important rituals lose their meaning and we find ourselves just going through the motions. Creating deviations in the celebration of these rituals, we can rediscover the meanings that

have faded.


Taking inspiration from simple tent structures and redefining their form as a Sukkah creates the opportunity for a new experience and the chance to reconnect with the ritual of the Sukkah.

While being reminiscent of religious relicts on the outside, the enclosing form and austere interior of the sukkah allow for one to meditate and reflect upon the struggles that faced our ancestors as they made their passage through the desert. The upward motion of the Sukkah and narrow aperture focuses one’s gaze on heaven above and redefines the experience of the Sukkah.

Sukkah: Dwell in Design

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