The Modern Sukkah

Ashley Foster & Rainah Adkins, Arlington, TX

This Sukkah demonstrates a relationship between open and close, social and private, and the connection to nature and the protection from the elements. The simple wood construction is easy to build and can be replicated quickly for those who need temporary shelter. We gathered inspiration from Thomas Jefferson’s creatively designed bed that sits within a thickened zone between his bedroom and his office—the two places he spent much of his time. Likewise, this space is divide by a chaise, similar to the chaise in Le Corbusier’s Villa Savoye which contours to the human body. Operable sliding doors separate the chaise from the gathering area: in the closed position, the doors offer a walkway between the two spaces, while in the open position, the doors allow the chaise to become part of the gathering area. The chaise is located on the eastern side of the structure and is open to the sunrise. The west facing wall is slatted horizontally with tree trunk inserts to protect the gathering area from the evening sun. The pattern created by the tree trunk inserts continue on the roof plane, only disrupted by the area above the chaise—this frames a view of the sky.

Sukkah: Dwell in Design

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