Terra Firma

Camille Vigil 

The celebration which has prompted the creation of sukkahs over generations has maintained its intention regardless of the passing of time. It is a reminder of the roots of fundamental beliefs in Jewish religion. With this, the concept of Terra Firma is to serve, likewise, as a reminder of humility and use a materiality that directly correlates to a mindset that keeps one grounded, literally, to the Earth and its bounties. Terra Firma, meaning “the ground as distinct from the sea or air”, evokes the temporal quality of life. It is modern in form, yet follows tradition in materiality and construction. Offset symmetry of Terra Firma offers an organic, evolved iteration of the traditional sukkah design. Having eight sides with one entry encourages a circulation through the space that is not inherently linear, but rather, is flowing and circular in keeping with an organic experience. A thoughtful construction, ease of assembly, and ability to reuse construction material afterwards carries out a tone of respect toward the Earth and the celebration conveyed by means of the sukkah. This eight-sided form abides by the qualities and nature of its construction material, bamboo. Although the form is made of linear panels, it implies a domelike derivation; as panels meet at a single point at its top, the flexible bamboo pushing outward allows the structure to hold itself stable by means of selftensioning.

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