The Leaf

Idaliza Camacho 

The design concept is inspired by the form of a leaf and its fragile nature. The interior space is a result of the partially enclosed shell which creates patterns of light and shadow invoking the nature patterns made by leaves of a tree. The Sukkah space is form by simple wood stud ribs with a pattern of fabric panels forming the walls and roof of the structure. The Sukkah entry is at the highest point of the structure and as you move further into the space, one must stoop as the interior gradually reduces in height. At the innermost area of the Sukkah, the height of the structure only allows you to be seated. This articulation of the structure accentuates the intimate nature of this space.

The changing nature of the pattern of shadows provides a variety of experience depending on the time of day. This is a symbolic reminder of the transience of life. The pattern created by the Sukkah reference the species of plants that are relevant to the Jewish Holiday of Sukkot and also contain the symbolic allusion to the Jewish people’s service to God.

Sukkah: Dwell in Design

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