AlEX Goldberg

The culture of uprooted and transitory peoples, born either by forcible expulsion or subtle exclusion, is a phenomenon exceptionally present in our world today.


Emphasizing this theme, this design consists of a simple, light structure of wood and cloth that encloses a single, elevated olive tree, grown from the earth but detached and exposed, serving both as the archetypal symbol of peace and as a reminder of displacement and the mortal nature of life.

The olive tree (peace) is one’s only sense of protection from above. Its branches sparsely separate the space from the sky. Its roots hang below, removed from what birthed its life, grasping to reconnect.

From the walls, built of exposed common wood construction, hangs a continuous fabric that completely encloses the space beneath the olive tree and provides a minimal sense of shelter whose vertical elongation and openness at its top focuses attention upward.

Sukkah: Dwell in Design

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