James Hethcock, Nina Sun & Jaekeon Kim

MIDST Sukkah: Meeting in Interstitial Dimensions of Space-Time

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MIDST encourages unity by emphasizing the basis of belief - a desire to dwell with G-D. Its elements restore tradition’s purpose, bring a hope for a Judeo-Christian future, and encourage participation in tradition by linking science to the ancient practices and form. The cube, a characteristic volume of the Holy of Holies, is related to G-D’s Tabernacle or Sukkah. The cube is aligned with cardinal directions, and the opposite doors introduce directionality. The cube extends to the practice of Tefillin, placing scroll boxes and praying for revealed mysteries. MIDST inspires that answers to ancient

mysteries are accessible.

The concept, inspired by the 2017 full solar eclipse and refined through interviewing Orthodox Jews, demonstrates two constituents of life:  light’s properties are showcased as particle and wave through two modes, the protection from and detection of external light (including the ancient claims of encounters with Shekinah Glory), and by reflection and containment of internal light to simulate an infinite presence “in the box”. To demonstrate  water’s properties, a pearl “particle” is dropped into a well visible under the floor, representing living water of salvation in motion, and repeating wave theme.


MIDST, designed for families, is a space-efficient way to honor Sukkot. Its modular approach, builds on an inherent symmetry and order, using repeating shapes with easily transportable interchangeable subassemblies that stack in a compact footprint. Fresh boughs are easily replenished on the netted folding frames. The unique spiritual expression of the MIDST challenges the entire family, friends and even a curious passerby.

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